Content marketing is overwhelming.

You know you can help transform your clients’ professional and personal lives if you can spend less time working ON your business and more time working IN your business.

I’m the solution!

I’m Stephanie Perry, freelance writer and all-around helpful person.

For 9 years I was a credit analyst for a major US credit card issuers. I also spent 8 years working as a hospital pharmacy technician, including 5 years as an enlisted soldier in Ft Hood, TX. I loved taking care of patients, but I knew I wanted more.

I took a major leap.

I traveled the world for a year volunteering on an organic edible cricket farm in Cambodia and driving kids to school in Australia. But the best part of this story isn’t how I did this, but WHY.
I’ve always loved travel. But I always thought it was something you did for 5-8 days at a time in between drudging days at work.

Then I met my first coach.

This coach was Michael from San Diego.
Michael equipped me with the tools I needed to accomplish a goal that I had thought entirely out of my grasp beforehand.
Exactly what you do for your clients.
I can remove the overwhelm so you can focus on coaching.

I’m not a coach. 

You know the person who loves basketball, so she keeps the team stats for the coach? That was me. I was the high school basketball statistician and writer for my church’s newsletter. (Yup, pretty boring kid.)

I love the behind-the-scenes work that helps the team improve.

You have a fire in you to serve your clients; my passion is helping you do it.

What I do.

I write case studies, blog posts, books, scripts, newsletters and social media content for coaches and speakers who prefer to use their time and energy helping clients.