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12 Books Life Coaches Love

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I Am A Work In Progress 12 Personal Development Books Coaches Love

When you’re looking for the most empowering books to read, start with these personal development books life coaches love! Read their rave reviews here.

Big Magic

Big Magic - 12 Personal Development Books Coaches Love

“‘Big Magic’ by Elizabeth Gilbert is a celebration of a creative life. That doesn’t mean (just) painting or writing but encompasses something larger: a worldview that extols the pursuit of any activity that takes you out of yourself and opens you to the experience of wonder and joy.” — Jennifer Reese

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Real Artists Don’t Starve

Real Artists Don't Starve 12 Personal Development Books Coaches Love

“Are you a painter, a writer, a start-up founder or a cabinet maker? Wondering how to avoid not paying the rent while you pursue your craft? Well, that’s where Jeff Goins’ Real Artists Don’t Starve comes in. The book offers 12 strategies to create your art, promote your art and make money from your art — no matter what it may be.” — Tree Franklin

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Unlocking Potential

Unlocking Potential - 12 Personal Development Books Coaches Love

“I would recommend this book: Unlocking Potential: 7 Coaching Skills That Transform Individuals, Teams, and Organizations by Michael K. Simpson to managers, leaders and aspiring-to-be leaders. Be sure to take note of those important techniques and strategies mentioned. It’ll be very useful for future reference.” — Gladys Jane

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Year of Yes

Year of Yes - 12 Personal Development Books Coaches Love

“Rhimes is, unsurprisingly, a fantastic memoirist: Her writing is conversational and witty and lyrical, inflected with the supple human breathiness you might expect from a person who spends her days writing dialogue. [It] is in many ways a side door self help book…[with] pieces of advice that concern not just Rhimes’s readers, but everyone. …Year of Yes is a book about the shifts taking place in Hollywood right now. It is, like Shondaland itself, making a statement. It is insisting that it is time for the people who used to be invisible to come forward and be seen.” — Megan Garber

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The Coaching Habit

The Coaching Habit - 12 Personal Development Books Coaches Love

“I love Michael Bungay Stanier’s The Coaching Habit: Say Less, Ask More & Change the Way You Lead Forever. Instead of being the person with all the answers,  learn how to be a coach—and a good one at that. Because your people have Google to find answers, you can give them what they really need.  1. Someone to ask them well-designed questions that get them into problem-solving mode. 2. A good set of ears that provides them with a much-needed blank canvas to make sense of their thoughts.” — Shawn Vanderhoven

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Daring Greatly

Daring Greatly - 12 Personal Development Books Coaches Love

“Laying out a roadmap for change, the author includes chapters on eliminating blame and shame from work and education, and daring to be the adults we want our children to be. Brown’s theories—complete with personal and not always flattering examples from her own life—will draw readers in and have them considering what steps they would dare to take if shame and fear were not present.” — Publisher Weekly

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Manifest: 30 Days of Intentional Mantras

“It is hard to locate self help books written by people of color. Many involve lengthy exercises, but the simplicity and effectiveness of these mantras help one to stay the course and maintain the practice of meditating beyond the 30 days. When you fall of your practice, pick the book back up and start again. You will gain new insight as you are not the same person. I suggest this as a gift to young people and and anyone you love as everyone could benefit from it.” — Kaiyah F

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Tony Robbins Unshakeable - 12 Personal Development Books Coaches Love

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Get Over It

Iyanla Vanzant Get Over It - 12 Personal Development Books Coaches Love

“Iyanla Vanzant offers a unique spiritual technology called “thought therapy,” a process that harnesses proven spiritual tools with the science of neuroplasticity. The 42 prayers and affirmations in Get Over It! and complementary energy-clearing tools at the heart of the thought therapy process are designed to neutralize and eliminate the unconscious, unproductive, soul-destroying dominant negative thought patterns (DNTPs) and discordant emotional energies, allowing you to get to the root cause of your personal suffering, and make life-affirming choices.” — Hay House Publishing

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Boys Won’t Be Boys

Boys Won't Be Boys - 12 Personal Development Books Coaches Love


“Tim Brown’s book has blessed me tremendously…I don’t know of a better guy who’s more committed to doing things in a Godly manner for the sake of others, particularly as it relates to young boys. He has a great heart and passion and a gift for challenging, inspiring and shaping boys into men.” — Clark Kellogg

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The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck -12 Personal Development Books Coaches Love

“At its core, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck is a book about finding what’s truly important to you and letting go of everything else. More than a practical guidebook to choosing what’s important in our lives and what’s unimportant, it’s a brutally honest and much needed reality check about our personal problems, fears and expectations. It’s a bold confrontation of self, our painful truths, faults and uncertainties, without all the positive airy fairy fluff we’ve been spoon-fed to believe by self-help gurus.” — Tree Franklin

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The Science of Accelerated Learning

The Science of Accelerated Learning - 12 Personal Development Books Coaches Love

“This book by Pete Hollins teaches you how to really learn in an accelerated manner. It’s how to process info, condense it, make it stick, and use it.

The Science of Accelerated Learning starts with shaping our mindsets to be geared for learning, fertile. Then he tells us the three types of factors that can make or break us. It was a great breakdown and the further breakdowns at the end of each chapter with the takeaways were priceless.” — Reviewer

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    12 Books Life Coaches Love. Tips on empowering books to read.

How to Make An Impactful Coaching Facebook Page

5 Tips to Get Coaching Clients with Facebook

Facebook Pages For Coaches

As a freelance writer, I’m in a ton of  Facebook groups where we share our Facebook page links. And I’ve found a few prospective clients that way. Usually, the page administrator will create a weekly post asking everyone to share a link to their business. These link-shares are a great way for freelancers, coaches and speakers to get found by new clients.

But all too often the links people share are missing pertinent information. And sometimes I get on the prospect’s FB page and hit a dead end. They’re a coach, but there’s no clear way to connect with them further.

Remember, your potential clients may need several points of contact with you before hiring you. And Facebook pages aren’t the most direct communication route. So make sure your Facebook page leads them to other ways they can connect with you as well.

Here are a few tips to take your coaching Facebook Page from dead end to expressway:

1. If your biz name / Facebook Page name doesn’t clearly state what you do, add it. “Social Stephanie” isn’t as helpful as “Social Stephanie: Freelance writer”. Any Facebook page for coaches, consultants and speakers should include the specifics like “Personal Finance Coach” or “Women’s Empowerment Speaker.”

2. Make your Page’s cover pic informative. Include your biz name, what you do and contact info for a better preview. If people are scrolling through a post of 100+ links, make it easy to find what they’re looking for.

Kamila of Journey To Launch has a wonderful Facebook cover. She uses her lead magnet (a free email course on how to save money) as her cover image.  Change your Facebook button to correspond to your offer using the box with three dots next to the button, and you’re all set.

Journey to Launch cover page

With this method, when you post your link in a comment, your full cover image, which appears when someone hovers over the link, will give enough detail to entice your prospective clients to click. And they won’t have to dig for information.

3. Include links to your other social media profiles in your About section. Facebook’s default setting gives you space for your website and email address. To add Twitter (if you choose) and LinkedIn (always!) just edit your contact info and click the “add account” button.

LinkedIn and Twitter are my faves, so I always connect with people through their links. If your Instagram is personal pics only, it’s ok to skip it. But I’d urge anyone in a visual business, like design consultants, to link your Instagram too.

4. Make sure to include your email address also. I know this seems obvious, but you’d be surprised how many coaches forget to add their contact info or website link to their page. Dead end city.

5. Include your Twitter feed. Are you dropping gems on Twitter that your potential clients should see? You can add a Twitter or Instagram app on Facebook that displays your timeline and a “follow” button right on your FB page. I like this as a method to “show your work.”

How Coaches can get more impact from their Facebook page. Better Facebook pages for coaches and speakers.

By the way, my Twitter feed is pretty cool; you should follow me!

A clear, informative Facebook page is crucial for coaches and speakers today. These 5 tips will have clients finding YOU.

Which of these tips helped you the most? Let me know in the comments. Happy networking!

5 tips to fix your coaching Facebook page

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