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I’m Speaking At The Creatress Summit

I'm excited to announce that I'm speaking at the Creatress Summit: a 5-day virtual conference designed to empower, uplift, and support Womxn of Color who want to make their mark in the Media Industry.  My presentation is "Want Free Marketing? Stop Ignoring YouTube."...

Black Friday Deals for Coaches!

Black Friday Deals for Coaches!

  It’s the most wonderful time of the year! If you’ve been putting off projects in your coaching business, your procrastination is about to pay off. Big time! Here’s a round-up of some of my favorite Black Friday deals for coaches. For Course Creation Teachable...

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5 Best Book Marketing Podcasts for writers

5 Best Book Marketing Podcasts for Writers

These 5 podcasts are my go-to picks on book marketing for writers. With these podcasts you’ll get a solid mix of information and entertainment. And the hosts of these shows write both fiction and nonfiction, so no matter what you write, they’ll help you sell more books.

I’m a podcast junkie. If I find an informative podcast, I binge-listen. Then when I hear a podcast guest I like, I look for other shows where they’ve been a guest, and I’ll probably subscribe to them too. That’s how I found most of these.

1. The Creative Penn hosted by Joanna Penn

Show length: 1 hour

If I don’t listen to any other podcast in a week, I listen to The Creative Penn. Joanna Penn is a fiction and nonfiction author who has self published and traditionally published. And she knows her stuff.

Since she’s the queen of book marketing podcasting, she gets top-tier guests, but her solo podcasts are just as enlightening.

Joanna Penn is the author for How to Make A Living with Your Writing, so of course her show often discusses publishing options, content marketing and multiple income sources from your work.

Since I’m a writer and book marketer for coaches, her episode The business of Being A Writer with Jane Friedman stands out as a favorite for me, but pick any episode and prepare to be inspired.

2. The Book Marketing Show with Dave Chesson

Show length: 30-40 minutes

Dave Chesson is the founder of, a super-useful Kindle e-book marketing website, and the creator of KDP Rocket, the book marketing tool of my DREAMS. So listening to his podcast is a no-brainer.  Dave and his guest will teach you all about Amazon categories, keyword mastery and nailing your book cover.

With Dave Chesson’s product, KDP Rocket, you can see how many searches are being made on Amazon for any search term AND how much money books in your niche are making. Use this information even before you start writing to make sure your book will have an audience.

KDP Rocket also helps you maximize you book listing and Kindle ranking to make sure readers who are searching in your niche will find your book. The right categories and keywords make your book more discoverable.

So you see how this show can enlighten your book marketing path. My favorite recent podcast episode from the Book Marketing Show is Reviving a Dead Book (Case Study #1). If your book’s already published, tips from this series will help you breath new life into it. And if it’s not published yet, you’ll learn some what-not-to-do’s.

12 Books Life Coaches Love

3. SPA Girls Podcast – Self Publishing Authors

Show length: 30-60 minutes

The SPA Girls are a HOOT. This podcast is a relaxed, laid back conversation with four funny friends who know their book marketing stuff. The hosts speak from their own author experiences with good guests mixed in.

The hosts are romance writers, not genre snobs, with amusing New Zealand accents. Together they authored a nonfiction book for writers: Kick Author Overwhelm to the Curb: A SPA Girls Guide to Calming the Chaos.

My favorite recent episode is 5 Branding Tips You Can Use Right Now. They discuss what other writers are doing to build their brand and attract raving fans. But you can jump into their show on any episode for tips and laughs.

4. The Portfolio Life hosted by Jeff Goins

Show length: 30 minutes+

I’m pretty sure Jeff Goins is traditionally published, but you’d think he was an indie the way he markets his butt off. (I mean this in the best possible way.) His message to writers is to start by building your tribe of readers and helping them through your writing. Then you’ll have buyers when your book is released.

Book marketing isn’t Jeff’s sole focus; his show aims to help writers create a complete writing life. But his advice on building an author platform is GOLD.

Jeff Goins’ recent nonfiction book Real Artists Don’t Starve  aims to kill the myth of the starving artist. It’s never been easier to make a living from your art, and it turns out it wasn’t impossible for historical artists either.

My most recent The Portfolio Life episode fave tackles the same topic. How to Sell 1,000 Copies of Your Self-Published Book in Two Weeks will really encourage you to start taking action toward your book today by building relationships with readers and other writers, even if you don’t yet have thousands of thirsty fans yet.


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5. The Author Audience Show with Shelley Hitz

Short trainings 15 min.

Shelley began as a nonfiction author in the inspirational and faith space. She wrote Broken Crayons Still Color. So it’s no accident that her podcast is full of thoughtful guidance with actionable steps mixed in.

My favorite recent episode is When Should Authors Use IngramSpark.

Shelley gave her listeners a serious insider tip on this episode. She explained that CreateSpace books aren’t eligible for distribution to most bookstores. But publishing your paperback and/or hardback version with IngramSparks puts your book in the IngramSpark catalog with the potential to be ordered by bookstores.

This is the first time I’ve heard this tip, and it means a writer can put their e-book in the Kindle Unlimited space and get paid per page read while still selling their print book elsewhere. Listen to Shelley’s podcast episode for the tea on how she mixes publishers to her benefit.

And to devour Shelley Hits’ book marketing knowledge all at one time, read her book Self Publishing Books 101.


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5 Best Book Marketing Podcasts for writers

Becoming the book by former First Lady Michelle Obama get free audiobook with an audible free trial

Now, share the love. What are your favorite book marketing podcasts? Tell me in the comments.

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