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Your Facebook Page is Costing You Clients

Facebook Pages For Coaches

As a freelance writer, I’m in a ton of  Facebook groups where we share our Facebook page links. And I’ve found a few prospective clients that way.

Usually, the group administrator will create a weekly post asking everyone to share a link to their business. These link-shares are a great way for freelancers, coaches and speakers to get found by new clients.

But all too often the links people share are missing pertinent information. And sometimes I get on the prospect’s FB page and hit a dead end.

They’re a coach, but there’s no clear way to connect with them further.

Remember, your potential clients may need several points of contact with you before hiring you. And Facebook pages aren’t the most direct communication route. So make sure your Facebook page leads them to other ways they can connect with you as well.

Help clients find you!

Don't camouflage your business. Help clients find you.


Here are a few tips to take your coaching Facebook Page from dead end to expressway:

1. If your biz name / Facebook Page name doesn’t clearly state what you do, add it. “Social Stephanie” isn’t as helpful as “Social Stephanie: Freelance writer”. Any Facebook page for coaches, consultants and speakers should include the specifics like “Personal Finance Coach” or “Women’s Empowerment Speaker.”

2. Make your Page’s cover pic informative. Include your biz name, what you do and contact info for a better preview. If people are scrolling through a post of 100+ links, make it easy to find what they’re looking for.

Kamila of Journey To Launch has a wonderful Facebook cover. She uses her lead magnet (a free email course on how to save money) as her cover image.  Change your Facebook button to correspond to your offer using the box with three dots next to the button, and you’re all set.

Journey to Launch cover page

With this method, when you post your link in a comment, your full cover image, which appears when someone hovers over the link, will give enough detail to entice your prospective clients to click. And they won’t have to dig for information.

3. Include links to your other social media profiles in your About section. Facebook’s default setting gives you space for your website and email address. To add Twitter (if you choose) and LinkedIn (always!) just edit your contact info and click the “add account” button.

LinkedIn and Twitter are my faves, so I always connect with people through their links. If your Instagram is personal pics only, it’s ok to skip it. But I’d urge anyone in a visual business, like design consultants, to link your Instagram too.

Write With Purpose. Write the book your audience needs.

4. Make sure to include your email address also. I know this seems obvious, but you’d be surprised how many coaches forget to add their contact info or website link to their page. Dead end city.

5. Include your Twitter feed. Are you dropping gems on Twitter that your potential clients should see? You can add a Twitter or Instagram app on Facebook that displays your timeline and a “follow” button right on your FB page. I like this as a method to “show your work.”

How Coaches can get more impact from their Facebook page. Better Facebook pages for coaches and speakers.

By the way, my Twitter feed is pretty cool; you should follow me!

A clear, informative Facebook page is crucial for coaches and speakers today. These 5 tips will have clients finding YOU.

If you want to talk with me about how to make the most of your social media presence, email me at or fill out the contact form below:

Your Facebook Page is Costing You Clients


 Disease Called Debt

Which of these tips helped you the most? Let me know in the comments. Happy networking!

And I created a cheat sheet for you to help narrow the message in your writing. Write what your audience needs; download your Write With Purpose cheat sheet here:

Write With Purpose. Write the book your audience needs.


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